A Dark Fantasy, Horror and Science Fiction Artist.

I am a self-taught hobbyist who eventually became a professional digital artist. From the examples of work I have offered you can see I enjoy fantasy, medieval and horror genres. This could be a throwback from my old days playing P&P RPGs.

In the late 90s a friend introduced me to Pov-ray. A text based 3d rendering program that with a shell called Moray offered an introduction to more complex programs like 3D studio. Unfortunately it took quite a bit of work be make the renders feel organic. Eventually over the years of dabbling I came across vue desprit and poser which offered a chance to become a world builder instead of a hobbyist. It has taken me 20 some odd years to see this as a possible career opportunity and craft in worlds I have imagined.

My Web Comic: Eirgsmoth

Before falling to disaster, Eirgsmoth was known as the jewel of Gh'hul. Once, the city's port brought all sorts of denizens upon its cobbled streets, made its noble houses rich, and opened the south to trade. Some years ago the waters mysteriously receded and the earth shook. Eirgsmoth settled into the sediment left by the catastrophe. Now surrounded by a quagmire, the township rots from marsh beyond the walls, as well as the corruption of a desperate once prosperous people.

In times like these, the people look to deities or noble houses for relief, distressed in the knowledge that their lot is in ruin. Cults have riddled the streets with the madness of forgotten gods and the entitled have taken to fighting over the scraps of a decaying corpse. The corrupt are rewarded and the vicious make headway. Only the underworld flourishes.

Eirgsmoth feeds upon her own children.

In this world, I seek to build a city whose streets are filled with gangs of semi-organized thugs, deviant noble houses, esoteric cults, manipulative linchpins, and the occasional psychopath. Eirgsmoth is a dark world of veiled monsters, malevolent gods, and misconstrued villains, all playing games to control the remains of a dying trade empire.